Being a KBC project, King’s Capital members have been exposed to a myriad of opportunities through our vast KBC alumni network. We have distinguished alumni within the various branches of finance – from investment banking to private equity and hedge fund managers.

We have been able to connect with different firms and organisations that are able to assist King’s Capital and its operations. King’s Alumni Angel Network is one such example.


King’s Alumni Angel Network

Over the past year, we have partnered with KAAN, a venture capital firm founded by King’s alumni. They bring together a global network of entrepreneurs and investors that work together to create an impact on innovation, economy, and society.

Through our partnership, we managed to secure summer internships for our analysts in 2021 within the venture capital industry. Our analysts were directly mentored by King’s Angel’s partners, and conducted landscape evaluations, company analysis, and generated deal flow during their internships.

We aim to continue broadening our network throughout 2021 and beyond to provide such opportunities for our analysts in the future.